New York is a place where change has been a constant since the very beginning. Our vaunted skyline, iconic in countless ways, is no exception. In the coming years, supertall construction all across the city where the skyscraper was born promises to revamp NYC’s public face as we build the 21st Century. Here are 5 buildings changing the look of New York City’s skyline in a major way in 2019 and beyond.


1 Vanderbilt

When you’re talking about changes to the skyline of the city, a 1,400-foot tower on 42nd street certainly qualifies. Due to top out in 2020, the office building will be the fourth tallest in New York, standing over Grand Central Station in Midtown East. While it’s unlikely any new construction can rival the historic train station aesthetically, this modern counterpart to the 105-year old terminal will serve as a visual reminder of how this city blends the old and the new on nearly every corner.


Central Park Tower

No list of towering new constructions would be complete without Central Park Tower, slated for completion in 2020 after a 6-year building process. The finished structure will stand 1,550 feet, making it the second tallest in the nation (behind 1 World Trade Center, 4.4 miles away). Even more intriguing news than that, however, may be indicated in the building’s nickname: the Nordstrom Tower. The venerable luxury brand’s first full-line flagship in New York City will take up seven floors within Central Park Tower, ensuring that for at least some fashion-minded New Yorkers this supertall building will be a can’t-miss destination.


15 Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards complex has been rising above the trainyards for a few years now, with multiple distinctive buildings clustered on Manhattan’s West Side. 15 Hudson Yards, completing in 2019, may well be the most distinctive for multiple reasons. While the upper reaches of the structure will definitely command attention, a planned cultural venue at its feet known as the Shed may well be the most attractive part for most New Yorkers. Opening this year, the Shed’s retractable roof will cover (or reveal) an array of events related to art, film, design, food, and many more.


9 Dekalb Avenue

Not to be ignored, the city’s most populated borough has seen a high-rise boom in the 21st century, so it’s only logical that downtown Brooklyn is getting a supertall skyscraper of its own. The site of an historic Dime Savings Bank building (whose Greek Revival facade will be preserved) is where 9 DeKalb Avenue will soar 1,066 feet into the air, dwarfing the area’s current tallest structure by 450 feet. The building will contain retail at ground level while the upper levels will consist of apartments with unrivaled views of nearly the entire city. Among all the talk of Manhattan’s revamped skyline, don’t forget that the growing one across the river is only getting started.


1 Manhattan West

Rivaling the Hudson Yards complex, neighboring Manhattan West’s towers will stand as part of the city’s most attention-getting group of buildings this side of the new World Trade Center. 1 Manhattan West, the biggest of the bunch, will top out in 2019 at 995 feet, with its sister building (the creatively named 2 Manhattan West) planned to start as soon as the roof is in place. The two new clusters of buildings represent an almost pre-fabricated neighborhood over a previously unpopulated area, meaning more New Yorkers and more things to do in this always-exciting city. While the skyline of this city will forever be iconic, there’s always plenty of room for improvement.