The days of hammering out the business plan for a startup at your friend’s mother’s kitchen table are well and truly in the past. Today, coworking spaces offer entrepreneurial-minded professionals from all fields the chance to develop their ventures and connect with other like-minded achievers in comfortable, office-like environments. 

The value of these inclusive offices aren’t limited to would-be founders, however; they also can support freelancers, gig economy workers, or small business owners. Today, New York City hosts a number of these coworking spaces, many of which are tailored for the specific needs and interests of their members. These offices empower digital nomads in New York City to work, network, and succeed in spaces that appeal to them, rather than in whatever library corner or park bench might be available on a given day. 

Which coworking company will best suit your needs? Check out the list below to decide. 


Industrious has locations around the continental United States and maintains two offices in New York City. For now, the company’s presence is limited to one space in Brooklyn and another in Union Square; however, Industrious has announced its intent to open more locations in the city in the next few years. 

This coworking space sets itself apart by offering private offices as well as a communal coworking space for up to 100 people. Its Manhattan and Brooklyn facilities are world-class and provide office options that are ideal for large and small companies alike.

Private offices begin at $1,341 per month, and community memberships start at $590 per month. 

The Farm

The Farm brings a quiet Midwestern charm to bear amid New York’s bustle. The company’s sole office in the city consists of a 100-year-old barn that was brought over from Missouri and put back together piece by piece. 

Pricing is affordable at The Farm. You can purchase a day pass for $29 per day, sign up for a guaranteed desk in a shared workspace for $179 a month, or select a dedicated and private desk for only $349 a month. 


Alma is a stylish coworking space located on Madison Avenue that provides tailored workspaces for therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals alike.

Industry professionals have the option to choose from one of three plans: Alma’s Community package, which starts at $145 per month, a Flex plan, which starts at $165 per month, and their Dedicated membership, which starts at $490 per month. 

The Wing

The Wing was founded in 2016 in NYC as a coworking space designed specifically for women. They now have three locations in NYC, with offices in Flatiron, Soho and Dumbo. Since its founding, they have expanded considerably; today, The Wing boasts locations across the United States and overseas. 

The community at The Wing fosters connections beyond that of a business alone. It is a place to develop friendships, gain support, find mentors, network, and more. 

Memberships begin at $185 per month with an annual commitment.


WeWork has many locations in NYC, and more are slated to open. The company began with a mission to redefine success as personal fulfillment — not just the bottom line. 

Depending on location, prices start as low as $300 for community space or a dedicated desk, and private offices begin at $840 a month and go up to $2,150.


The Amalgamated Drawing Office — more colloquially known as A/D/O — is a 23,000 square foot warehouse in Greenpoint that has been converted into working space for artists. 

More than a coworking space, A/D/O is an experience. For creatives, they provide a fabrication lab with an array of tools and resources. An atrium, open to the public, provides a place to relax and enjoy food and drink. Membership includes open workspace, fabrication equipment, and complimentary WiFi. 

Community places are open to the public at no charge, and workspace starts at $375 per month for artists. 

If you are looking for a place to connect, a place to work, and a place to foster community, a coworking space may be just what you are looking for. There are many affordable spaces in NYC that provide opportunities for every small business owner, entrepreneur, and industry creative to conduct business and make the connections they need to thrive professionally.